The Blues’ll Get You

Band :
Title : The Blues'll Get You
Release Date : January 6, 2019
Format : Digital Download

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Moon Dogs are fast gaining cult status on the live circuit for their relentless, heady brew of blues rock. Timms co-wrote the material with Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull), Mike Richardson (Elkie Brooks) and Steve Simpson (Roger Chapman’s Short List) among others. Created with a hint of Classic Rock, proper music listeners will always come back to The Blues Will Get You. It’s a master piece that can only be replicated by the underdog, Derik Timms. He and his pack of top level musicians will blow your socks off with this number, live or at home, every time.

“The idea to record this album came from Graham Walker so it’s all his fault…as Graham played on albums that have sold millions and always says the right thing, we got on with it…” Derik Timms



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